e-Business Intelligence Lab TEI of Crete

The Age of Data Glut

The exponential collection of digital data characterized our century as the “Information Age”. However, we have been overwhelmed from that collection “The Age of the Data Glut” as we have all that information unexploited. We should make use of the data acquired, in order to derive valuable inferences and knowledge.

Business Intelligence

Data Mining, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence are considered as the key scientific fields of the information era that will open for us the gate to the knowledge. In that context, the e-business intelligence lab (at the School of Management and Economics of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete – Greece), participates at European and national research and applied projects, in collaboration with Institutions and enterprises.

Digital Marketing

For marketing purposes, any company and organization should exploit in the best way the available digital promotional channels. The abundance of information making achievement of the desired results more demanding job, without losing the message in oversaturated information.

About us

It is widely accepted that the available data on the Web and Social Media platforms has to be optimally processed and utilized, towards gaining valuable knowledge for effective e-Business strategies. E-Business Intelligence (e-BI) Laboratory of Technological Educational Institute of Crete is engaged in Research & Development activities, participating in European and national funded projects and co-operating with organizations and enterprises. E-BI team consists of experienced researchers and staff with significant experience in research and applied projects in the wider field of knowledge management, digital marketing and innovation.








Years Active


  • Digital Business Consulting

    Digital Strategy & Consulting
    Organizational Management
    Business Operations Effectiveness
    Digital API services

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

    Social media consulting
    Social Intelligence
    Social media analytics
    Digital marketing Services
    360° Customer Experience

  • Internet of Things - IoT

    Internet of Things Advisory Services
    Internet of Things Application Development & Services

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Advanced Data Analytics
    Business Intelligence (BI)
    Information & Knowledge Management
    Performance management

  • Mobile Application Services

    Mobile strategy and Consulting
    Mobile application development

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